Artist Talk with Chani Bockwinkel

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Artist Talk with Chani Bockwinkel

At New Fruit Collective

In this multi-medium talk, independent filmmakers Chani Bockwinkel and Tyler Burdenski will share historical research, sounds, and video selections from, their ongoing process of making Those Who Wait—a queer-feminist retelling of a nineteenth-century doomsday movement that took place in Maine. The project presents historically-based tableaus to offer a look at this group of people who abandoned their abolitionist activism in exchange for a promise of a heavenly utopia.


This event is an invitation to an embodied exploration of the of images, movement and sounds from the films research. Within these offerings, bringing to the surface the films inquiries into questions around what a "queer-feminist" re-telling looks like and how to address the complications and violences that occur when working in a historical context? 


The artists would like to open up space for collective movement, sounds and dialogue, asking how can we have this conversation together and share resources as artists and activists?

Presented in conjunction with SPACE's Artist Residency

Located at New Fruit Collective, 82 Parris Street, Portland Maine

October 5, 2017
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

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