BARISHI with Sunrunner, HOLY FILTH, and Megog


BARISHI with Sunrunner, HOLY FILTH, and Megog

Vermont's metal visionaries make their Portland debut

In a scene that has become largely repetitive, nostalgia driven, and prone to navel gazing, few bands stand out as truly breaking new ground. With their sophomore full-length Blood from the Lion's Mouth on Season of Mist, BARISHI challenge the established formulas of the metal genre by recombining its core DNA. There is an undeniable progressive undertone in their modern and gritty approach to guitar-heavy music, but at the same time, BARISHI delve into the dark and ecstatic sounds that defy the fretboard work-outs often employed by their peers. Having shared the stage with undeniable extreme music staples Mastodon, Author & Punisher, Today Is The Day, and Weedeater, BARISHI provide the listener with earth-shattering grooves and savage vocals born in the verdant mountains of Vermont.

BARISHI are supported by Portland’s own heavy prog titans, Sunrunner. Making their SPACE Gallery debut, Sunrunner play Portland for the first time since their 2016 Brazilian tour - in support of their third full length ‘Heliodromus’. 

Also in support are Bangor’s raw and dirty heavy metal outfit HOLY FILTH and the dark metal cacophony of local newcomers, Megog (featuring Remy Brecht of Phallus Uber Alles).

April 28, 2017
8:30 PM
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