Blue of the World Book Launch


Blue of the World Book Launch

Reading & Multidisciplinary Performance

Douglas W. Milliken, Pushcart Prize winner and recipient of a 2016 Maine Literary Award,celebrates the release of Blue of the World, a collection of antipastoral stories wherein ordinary people alternately seek and flee grace as they run against the unfathomable mysteries of sexuality and loss. In a multidisciplinary performance, Milliken will recreate the book’s atmospheric tension with readings by Mariah Bergeron and Jason Lesaldo, music by Scott Sell, and interactive sound-objects.

Print: A Bookstore will be selling copies of the book at the event. 


Douglas W. Milliken is the author of the just released story collection, Blue of the World ( Tailwinds Press), the story collections Cream River (Downeaster Editions) and Brand New Moon, the novel To Sleep as Animals, and the codex White Horses. Other work appears in McSweeney's, Slice, the Believer, and many other publications. “Blue of the World” was written as part of a fellowship with the Hewnoaks Artists Colony, and was published in Glimmer Train Stories. | @douglaswmilliken


“Blue of the World reminds me of some wild, enormous mineral towers I saw once above a riverbed. Just when you thought you’d figured out the contours, another plane appeared, and then another, then a broken edge, a polished step, a rippled bowl. These stories are like that—brilliant surfaces, hidden depths, unsettled corners. Weeks since I finished the book, still I dip into it like dreaming, the perfect paragraphs new in my hands.”

— Bill Roorbach, author of Life Among Giants and The Remedy for Love

“There’s such a satisfying alchemy to Milliken’s sentences—rhythms, textures, and resonances that magic our day-to-day idiocies into almost hilarious beauty. And by beauty, I don’t mean some transcendent feeling or deliverance from our isolation, but something much deeper and stranger: the extraction of an inner warmth we always hoped was there.”

— Meghan Lamb, author of Silk Flowers

“Milliken is a master of leveling the field of experience and revealing the things we all carry with us—awe, insecurity, nostalgia—whether we’re looking up at the stars or about to be swept out to sea.”

—Celia Johnson, Creative Director, SLICE Literary


On Milliken's multimedia collaborations with his friend Scott Sell:

"It's funny how a friendship can contain two distinct and unique relationships. In the loud and sweaty physical, Sell and Milliken destroy language with intentionally cumbersome tongues and chase seagulls into the brick sides of parking garages, then are contrite. In the quiet and ongoing phenomenological discussion between kindred souls, however, these two apparent buffoons have together explored---in story and in song---the perdurable aches and pitfalls of loving right and loving wrong and, worse yet, not loving at all no matter the effort, will, and cost. And over the course of more than a decade, each helping the other with his internal and external work, it's inevitable that the discrete worlds each has created overlap to become one. In their first-ever unified narrative effort, Sell and Milliken combine their stock of down-and-out and sometimes lucky characters into a coalescent shape. Eleven songs. Eleven stories. One singular world of yearning and fear. Where eagles mate in mid-air. Where the cows have annexed the living room. Where the farthest ferry runs and all roads at long last mercifully end." -DWM

Their musical and literary project In The Mines was release in August 2018. 



May 30, 2019
7:00 PM
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