A Cold, Cold Night II


A Cold, Cold Night II

A Wintertide Revue Show

Come get warm on our 2nd annual Cold, Cold Night with an eclectic cast of our city's finest performers, songsmiths, and brilliant minds about town. The thawing and melting of hearts will be expertly handled by electronics-enchanter Computer at Sea, freak-flag-flyer Asian Mae (aka Colleen Kinsella), provocative pin-up politico Holly Danger, blissed-out beatmaker Bright Boy, irreverent renaissance-man Timmy Findlen, mellifluous melody-makers Altar Boys, serenity-seeker Lauren Tosswill, radiant rocker Dominic Lavoie, benched-jock bard Brody Wood, stunning shredder Ginette Labonville, psych sage Brendan Evans, peerless punk Samantha Rocray, and this year's Portland Angel award recipient City Councilman Pious Ali. The evening will be hosted by our inimitable emcee Aharon Willows-Hebert. Join us for a celebration of the beautiful, strange, and altogether wonderful things that make Portland the place we love even during its darkest days and coldest nights. 

poster by Niki Taylor.

January 28, 2017
8:30 PM

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