Feeding the beast

Community event

Feeding the beast

A happy hour roundtable for cultural organizations/small businesses

If social media engagement is changing and pay-to-play models push out organic streams of content, what is the future of digital outreach? What should organizations and creative projects with limited digital marketing budgets be doing to foster accessibility and get the word out about their work to new audiences? What do we want the post-"fake news" social media landscape to look like? 

SPACE invites our peers to use our space to convene for an early evening conversation about these topics. We've found ourselves confonted with new hurdles in social media as alorithms, privacy policies, digital advertising agreements, the threshhold for censorship, and terms of service change at a rapid-fire pace.

This is open to anyone for whom these topics seem relevant, but we especially want to come to this conversation prioritizing the work of small to mid size cultural organizations, independent creative projects with a marketing plan need, and small businesses. 

November 5, 2018
5:30 PM