Minivan with Home Body and id m theft able


Minivan with Home Body and id m theft able

Electropop drag project of Ron Shalom using live-controlled custom lights, instructional dance, costume, and advertisements

Minivan is the electropop drag project of Ron Shalom (NYC). Performances entail seven character transformations using live-controlled custom lights, instructional dance, costume, and advertisements. Minivan comprises part of an Ineffable Multiverse of aesthetic Realities. Ketchup, the next Reality, will make its debut performance at SPACE.

Fever-pop duo Home Body ignores convention with their vivid blend of electronic, new wave, and experimental pop music, performed from the gut with wild abandon and art-school-cool theatricality. Balancing textured layers of juicy synthesizers, gritty beats, and tectonic bass with spirited, stormy vocals, synthesist Eric Hnatow and vocalist Haley Morgan create a visceral sonic landscape that feels equal parts cosmic, fleshy and electric. Emerging from the vibrant Western Mass music scene, Home Body plays with form and improvisation while retaining a dreamy pop sensibility and demanding presence. Live, the duo punctuates their sound with dance and DIY manual light manipulation, reaching beyond their performance to create a high-vibration spectacle that is buzzing with soul, shadow, and depth.

Sweethearts for over twelve years, Hnatow and Morgan have been been making music as Home Body since 2011. The duo’s chemistry and unique sound have garnered an enthusiastic fan base throughout New England and beyond. Drawing comparisons to The Knife, Bjork, Sylvan Esso, and early Eurythmics, Home Body has performed close to 400 shows across the North America since their inception, supporting acts such as Dan Deacon, Boy Harsher, Marco Benevento, And The Kids, Guerilla Toss, Pumarosa, and Downtown Boys. In addition to releasing their debut full length In Real Life on Feeding Tube Records, and a follow up EP Guts, the duo has scored fashion shows and dance performances and has made music for films and commercials. Home Body is currently releasing weekly improvisations through a project called FORMS and their new full length album, ‘Spiritus’, will be released in April 26, 2019 on Feeding Tube Records and Peace and Rhythm.

id m theft able performs within and without the realms of noise, avant-improvisation, sound poetry, performance, et c. et c. et c.  using voice, found objects, electronics, and whatever else is available......
He has given hundreds of performances across 4 continents in settings ranging from the scummiest of squats to the fanciest of festivals.

July 12, 2019
8:30 PM