Portland Phoenix Music Awards

Community event

Portland Phoenix Music Awards

The Portland Music Awards may seem like a contest — and we guess technically it is?! — but the last thing we want is for musicians to compete with each other. That's weird. What we DO want is to shine a light on the passion, creativity, and absurdly low-compensated labors that go into making music in this state. Okay, and also we're into strong opinions. Plus who doesn't like a little drama?

So for the first time since 2013, the Phoenix made this ballot — with help from artists, show promoters, scene know-it-alls and unit-movers. (We're sure you'd make a different ballot. We're sure it would be amazing.) As you take a look at ours, remember that we gave special consideration to artists who were especially active this year. 

If musicians inspired you in 2017, a year maybe low on inspiration, then you could thank them. You should do that in person! But another way to do it is by voting. Then hyping friends to vote. And so on. See you at the Portland Music Awards ceremonial party at SPACE Gallery on Wednesday, December 6, where we'll announce the winners.

December 6, 2017
6:00 PM