Meghan Brady - Second Hand

SPACE is pleased to present Second Hand, a new installation by Midcoast artist, Meghan Brady.

Using acrylic paint on paper and collage, Meghan Brady will make a new wall-sized painting installation at SPACE. Incorporating multiple languages of paint and approach, Brady will continue to explore the area between structured and free-formed large-scale painting.

"These paintings came about as a response to my restlessness and desire to see my paintings on shaped surfaces, as well as the technical freedom to change the piece at nearly any given point (something that painting on stretched canvas makes difficult). Within these boundaries, I find a space where I can use direct, saturated colors to generate loose compositions that reference ceramic vessels, clothing, and gesture -- in other words, I am indirectly referencing the human body through an everyday kind of abstraction. My aim is to make paintings that are generous in spirit but also find a way to occupy their space and time in a frenetic, irregular, and ultimately surprising way."

Meghan Brady is a painter based in Midcoast Maine. Her studio project spans drawing, printmaking, ceramics, and painting. Most recently she has been making site-specific paintings on paper.

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