Sun System Press NEABF

For the SPACE front window, Sun System Press will build a display of overlapping images that create kinetic visual patterns to engage the viewer from multiple angles. The installation will consist of images printed on transparency paper, which were all made around a toxic swamp. The images are acidic and high key in color and tone, reflecting the nature of the landscape. The window display will also be paneled with mirrors, reflecting and refracting light – which will create color field projections onto the landscape and the audience / passers by as they engage directly and indirectly with the work, becoming participants in the installation themselves.

Sun System is a publishing collaboration between Cole Casswell from Peaks Island, ME, Bryan Graf from Portland, ME, and CJ Heyliger, from Los Angeles, CA. They publish and distribute artist books, posters and edition prints. They focus on experimental, low-fi methods of production.

September 15, 2018
October 26, 2018