(De)constructing Race, Equality and Power

Community event

(De)constructing Race, Equality and Power

Part of USM's convocation on the theme of Race and Participatory Democracy

In partnership with USM's Convocation on Race and Participatory Democracy SPACE will be hosting a conversation entitled (De)constructing Race, Equality and Power with panelists Leroy Rowe - Professor of African American History, Marcia Anne Dobres - Professor of Anthropology and Joe Medley, Professor of Economics.

This year’s Convocation asks each member of our community to question ourselves, our society, our institutions and our leaders. As we interrogate our collective history, so we must also question the power structures that support and sustain the systems of oppression that limit equal access to freedoms and opportunities in our American democracy. What is the essence of liberty, if not the freedom of everyone--from the most privileged to the most vulnerable--to live as decent human beings, in America?

Dylan Reynolds, Student Moderator, Political Science/History/Economics Major

February 20, 2018
6:30 PM
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