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Blue Stockings Film Series

Saturday, July 18 2015

UPDATE: Friday’s program is SOLD OUT.  There are still a handful of tickets available for Saturday’s program.

BLUESTOCKING FILM SERIES is celebrating 5 years of women in film in Maine! All Bluestocking films feature 100% female protagonists and our selections are carefully curated to offer something for every film lover’s taste.

This year’s not-to-be-missed mix of hard-hitting drama and belly-laugh comedy includes a premiere of a first-time director from Maine and international films from Australia, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Pakistan and Turkey.

Here’s the full list of films and directors for this year’s gala celebration of women on-screen.


  • Alma y Esperanza – Itandehui Jansen | Mexico / Netherlands | Maine Premiere | Separated by language and culture, a young girl falls under the care of the grandmother she has never met.
  • GABI – Zoé Salicrup Junco | Puerto Rico | Maine Premiere | Gabi Padilla thrives in a life full of pleasure and independence. But after her mother’s unexpected death, she is forced to return to her rural hometown — a place where Gabi’s sensual flair is not welcome.
  • Girls – Maureen O’Connell | Ireland | US Premiere | Teenaged Mary looks for attention from her family and peers with explosive consequences.
  • Going Down? – Carol Capomaccio | Maine, USA | Maine Premiere | Straddling the line between life and death, Kat simultaneously experiences two versions of reality — one on a beach where she lies unconscious and another trapped in an elevator with the lifeguard who is trying to save her.
  • Horndog — Natasha Berger | United Kingdom | North American Premier | Shunned 16-year-old Jess escapes into the world of a call-in radio show that promises to unravel all the mysteries of women, but when a girl at school catches her eye, she gets a little carried away acting on the advice.
  • Knit One – Clare Gray, director / Claire d’Este, writer | Australia | US Premiere | Sadie’s grief-fueled knitting obsession transforms her suburban world until there is just one thing left to knit.
  • Sunroom – Lucy Griffin, director / Josie Hess, writer | Australia | World Premiere | 20-something Agnes must reconcile her sentimental attachment to her stuffed animals and dinosaur figurines with her notions of what it means to be a grown-up woman.


  • American Gladiator – Lara Jean Galagher | Pennsylvania, USA | Maine Premiere | Jean’s rivalry is put on hold when she realizes her sick little sister may actually die. 
  • Baat Cheet (Tête-à-Tête) – Rayika Choudri | Pakistan | Maine Premiere | Sometimes it’s an unassuming moment that can unravel us completely.
  • Grace Under Pressure – Jen Moss | Australia | US Premiere | A comedy with supernatural elements, Grace Under Pressure explores the perception of women and success.
  • Hayat Tarzi (Life Style) – Gozde Onaran | Turkey | Maine Premiere | Two secretaries on their lunch break find that their dreams of affluence have the potential to poison their friendship.
  • Mother’s Day – Nico Raineau, director / Lauren Schacher, co-writer | California, USA | Maine Premiere | An irresponsible 20-something is suddenly burdened with the task of having to care for a 6-year-old as she struggles not to lose her job and grapples with having to be responsible … for once.
  • Osveta – Reggie Burrows Hodges | Maine, USA | World Premiere | Osveta explores the cycle of revenge and the consequences of self loathing.
  • Painted Lady – Brittany Shyne | Ohio, USA | Maine Premiere | A nine-year-old girl struggles with her busy mother and the first changes of womanhood.
  • Stövlarna (The Boots) – Carin Bräck | Sweden | World Premiere | A pair of embroidered boots intertwines three stories of awkward encounters and grief.
  • Junana (Seventeen) – Chantal Bertalanffy | Japan / Germany | World Premiere | While on vacation in Japan, Alexandra and Charlotte’s friendship is tested when they befriend Daisuke, a Japanese boy.

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