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First Friday Art Walk – the (stillness) collective: Bodies of Weather

Friday, February 2 2024
534 Congress Street Gallery

Join us Friday, February 2nd, from 5-8 pm for opening receptions and performances from the (stillness) collective celebrating the following exhibits. Live musical performances by Fletcher Boote (vocals, singing bowls) and Robin Lane (cello) in the gallery will take place at 5:30 and 6:30pm.

Bodies of Weather
February 2–March 16 in the 534 Congress Street Gallery
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a bird's eye photograph of three people wearing long flowing clothes standing where the sand meets the sea

the (stillness) collective are a place-based, interdisciplinary, and improvisational collaborative practicing deep listening and intensive making in nature. They offer work toward kinship with human and more than human partners wherever they find ourselves. In June of 2023, the group gathered to research near Popham Beach and to collaboratively create Bodies of Weather. The collective will present a new multi-channel video installation with sound and other works. 

This year’s iteration of the (stillness) collective features contributions by Annie Bailey, Fletcher Boote, Susan Bickford, Katherine Ferrier, Robin Lane, Heather Lyon, and Luke Myers. 

the (stillness) collective is a group that has been gathering and making work in nature since 2015. The collective arrives, we make agreements, and together we listen to place. The group slow into, attune to, attend to, and are directed by what happens. They recognize that we exist within a society and culture whose foundation is built on systems of oppression. The collective practices ongoing relationship, interrelatedness, deep listening, generosity, gratitude, kindness, and slowness in service to the dismantling of that oppression. They offer their work toward a vision of reciprocity.

An image of the SPACE window gallery with an installation by Luke Myers containing a carbon fiber planter box, an orchid, and a video loop of the same orchid.

we wont miss u
Through February 2 in the Window Gallery
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An installation by Luke Myers consisting of a carbon fiber planter box, live orchid, and a video loop of an image of the same orchid. 

Of course the real one is more beautiful, but the video loop will last longer. Which would you rather have? – Luke Myers

Luke Myers’ installation is the first of a series of one-week installations from and curated by members of the (stillness) collective, continuing through mid-March.

🕯️ The dance show of the summer is Scapegoat Garden’s Liturgy|Order|Bridge. The Hartford-based company calls upon Black church traditions and ideas of faith, nature, fashion, and experimentation in their limited performance run June 20-22. Tickets available now, presented by SPACE at Mechanics’ Hall. 🕯️