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New England Art Book Fair 2017 Programming

Saturday, October 7 2017
11:00 AM
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Along with over 40 vendors from across the country selling their wares NEABF also features artist talks, demos and workshops.  Here’s what’s going down this year:

2017 Presenters

Jason Urban and Leslie Mutcher 
Artist Talk: Babel Unbound
Saturday October 7th, 11:30am

Jason and Leslie will discuss the concepts, inspiration the nature of artist collaboration for their show Babel Unbound which will be installed in the gallery at SPACE from October 6th-14th.  The show focuses on ephemeral editions, prints and printed multiples within the context of the library as a curated, collaborative and performed space.

Josh Dannin of Direct Angle Press
Participatory Demo: Breaking the Cycle: Improvisational Risograph
Saturday October 7th, 12:30pm

This demo will explore ways of incorporating chance and play into the Risograph printing process. Traditionally used as an efficient method of duplication in an office setting, the Riso has become a unique and inexpensive means of print production for artists and publishers alike, providing a range of color and image processing options. This workshop will break the cycle of design-to-print, exploring alternative methods, and encouraging creative “misuse” of the Riso as an open ended tool for image building.

Participants will experiment with a range of materials and approaches to mark making and image processing, exploring form and texture through improvisation and layering. Additive and subtractive methods will be used to create collage and built composition on the Riso’s scanner bed. We will also explore the incorporation of other printmaking techniques and ways they may (or may not) work in conjunction with the Risograph process. 

The Millennial Press
Artist Talk: The Millennial Press
Saturday October 7th, 1:30pm

The Millennial Press is a student-run letterpress shop at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Founded in Spring of 2016 by the Intro Letterpress class, instructed by NH based artist and printmaker Erin Sweeney. Originally formed to purchase a new press for the shop, the Millennial Press has continued to work as a student-run job shop on campus, engaging in the local community through collaborative projects. The foundation of the Press, fundraising efforts, production and issues faced as a community based press as well as future community engagement and projects will be covered in this talk. 

Todd Pattison of Pattison Paperworks
Participatory Demo: Drum Leaf Binding 
Saturday October 7th, 2:30pm

Printmakers, photographers and other artists have used the book structure to sequence their information for narrative or other purposes but organizing signatures and the complications of standard bookbinding practices have often hindered their ability to create their own books. The Drum Leaf Binding, developed by Tim Ely, uses adhesive to attach single-sided folios into a textblock which then can be easily bound. This structure can be used with thicker papers, not just text weight pages, so it is suitable for watercolor paper and heavier printing papers. In this demonstration you will learn about the advantages of the Drum Leaf Binding and watch the construction from single pages to a finished book.

Ongoing: Tours of Pickwick Independent Press: a Community Print Shop
Saturday October 7th, 11-6
Pickwick is right above SPACE Gallery: Browse work from members making traditional and contemporary relief Letterpress, screen printing, intaglio and other print work!

Are you a Maine artist looking to fund a project? Apply to our American Rescue Plan Project grant program today. Deadline: June 26th at 11:59 PM.