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“Sky/Clap” by Myles Bullen (4/19-4/25)

Sunday, April 25 2021

People get close/
When you catch a ghost/
Everybody wants to feel/

Stranded / abandoned in a stand of trees/
Searching for complacency/
But this weathervane creeks urgency/

Selfcare is an indecisive mouth/
Who is well versed in self doubt/
Sacred glitter/ blooming life surrounded by worms/
Rotting decomposition & wet dirt/
Soft landings / sweetest dreams/
Sunny side up/ mindfully managed/

Witnessing beauty with tired eyes might help us get some sleep/
But we might die in our dreams/

Aging like an almanac/
Forecasting unforgettable/
An optimistic point of view/
Was the smartest thing you grew/
In the garden of your mind/

Still hiding bruises I’m afraid of what I’ll find/
Being guided by a guillotine of guilt/
Will get you killed/

Look at everything we have built/
Imagine brighter than you dwell/
Nightsky, Star starring/
Looking for the perfect match /
Phosphorus /
Sunken posture/
Loves lost in a/
Drunken passion/
When the point is /
To be pointless /

We are nothing other than our choices

Miss tingling hands/
Admire candle light/
Watching flames dance/
Leaning into lilacs/
Edging before climax/
Kickdrums and hi hats/
Eyelids a timelapse/
Every step decisive /

Every thought breeds potential/If words can/ really build worlds then/Love language is essential/

And dreaming, dreaming of a body to occupy/
Call it mine/ live inside/ and remember /
what it’s like to feel alive

Myles Bullen
Myles Bullen (he/they) Is an Indigenous Artpoet and indie rap artist from Portland, ME. They create songs and poems advocating for social justice, mental health, and how to deal with depression and anxiety. Myles has toured throughout 40 States, and Europe at various venues and colleges, performing and teaching creative writing workshops in schools, recovery centers, and prisons.  He has released two full-length projects, Wake Up Century and Not Dead Yet. Their newest project, Healing Hurts, is available on limited edition vinyl and cassette.

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