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The 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows

Saturday, December 26 2015

For 16 years, The Animation Show of Shows has been created curated and presented by Ron Diamond to introduce new and innovative short films exclusively for animation studios, societies,schools, and festivals around the world. Each year over 3,000 animated shorts are created,some of which take years to complete, but only a handful are seen outside the inner circles ofthe animation community. The Animation Show of Shows is Ron’s vision to heighten theexposure for this extraordinary art form and entertainment platform and to allow international audiences to experience these in a theatrical environment with other peers that share the samepassion for animation. This compilation has brought 29 of the films showcased in previous Animation Show of Shows to receive Academy Award® nominations with nine winning thenOscar®.

In THE 17TH ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS these beautifully crafted, unique films are also paired with documentary portraits featuring four of the directors as they shed light on the motivation, process and experiences that lead to the making of their films.  

The techniques of these innovative films range from hand-drawn, paint on glass and stop-motion, to the latest computer-generated imagery, with its ability to conjure entire worlds with astonishing verisimilitude. Together these films capture, in the words of Andrew Stanton, director of Finding Nemo, “all the wit, cleverness, integrity, warmth and humor that humanity is capable of,” and have a universal appeal that makes them ideal for sharing with family and friends.

THE 17th ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS will be distributed theatrically this fall across the US and will feature the current top animated shorts from around the globe. This extraordinary program of 11 films is created by animators from Australia, France, Ireland, the US, Russia, Switzerland, and Iran, with 7 films with women directors or co-directors, and many of which have garnered awards from distinguished festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, SXSW, Berlinale. This will be the first theatrical release of this annual program, finally sharing these animation talents with a wider audience.


  • Janette Goodey & John Lewis’ THE STORY OF PERCIVAL PILTS
  • Geoffrey Godet & Burcu Sankur’s TANT DE FORETS
  • Conor Whelan’s SNOWFALL
  • Amanda Palmer and Avi Ofer’s BEHIND THE TREES
  • Konstantin Bronzit’s WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THE COSMOS
  • Isabelle Favez’s MESSAGES DANS L’AIR
  • Babak Nekooei & Behnoud Nekooei’s STRIPY
  • Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, Caroline Domergue, Colin Laubry, and Florian Laubry’s ASCENSION
  • Melissa Johnson and Robertino Zambrano’s LOVE IN THE TIME OF MARCH MADNESS
  • Don Hertzfeldt’s WORLD OF TOMORROW

Suggested for ages 8+ | Some shorts deal with adult themes, no violence or profanity| 97 min

At the Portland Museum of Art, co-presented with SPACE Gallery.  

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