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Asata Radcliffe, Asha Tamirisa, Heather Flor Cron, Shane C. Smith, and Veronica A. Perez

Oct 1, 2020 – Nov 30, 2020

Re-Site is a public art and Portland history-telling initiative that will commission 5 new temporary works across the peninsula in October 2020. Beginning with the acknowledgment of our presence on Wabanaki land, we invited artists to create site-specific installations responding to a moment in that site’s history. With the support of Maine-based historians, we have collected site histories for a range of locations, each with notes on the site’s historical significance and potential themes, a bibliography for further exploration, and a thorough look at one specific past resident. The five participating artists then chose the site they wanted to engage with.

Like its homonym recite, this initiative asks us to repeat something in public from memory. This is an invitation for artistic and poetic spatial intervention, aimed at mining the history of the ground beneath our feet. It strives to promote broader understanding of the lineage of colonization and gentrification that has transformed this landscape, seeing the connective steps from the past to the present moment. The impulse to call up and reexamine collective history springs from the convergence of current and urgent calls for societal transformation with the reflective nature of the Maine Bicentennial. Re-Site prompts artists to activate our shared space with works that explore the complexities of nonlinear time and generate dialogue about what we want to carry with us into the future.

Participating Artists:

Asata Radcliffe

Asha Tamirisa

Heather Flor Cron

Shane C. Smith

Veronica A. Perez

Public participation: The public will be invited to submit their own proposals for self-funded projects to be included in Re-Site. All proposals will be reviewed by SPACE staff and historical advisors, and approved proposals will be provided a site marker to indicate their inclusion. This extension of the project is intended to promote broader public engagement with local historical research organizations and resources.

More information coming soon.

Organized by Lia Wilson and Meg Hahn
Historical research by Marieke Van Der Steenhoven
Exhibition design by Carolyn Wachnicki