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Rum Riot Press

Jul 20, 2012 – Aug 23, 2012
In the Gallery

Organized by Printeresting, Rum Riot Press is a small press exposition of artists’ publications including work from over sixty artists, designers, and publishers from around the world. Rum Riot Press explores how DIY and small press publishing can foster communication and offer an alternative to mainstream media sources. This show coincides with a major resurgence in self-publication, which is a mode of communication that offers agency to anyone willing to participate. Given the current small press explosion, now seems like a good time to marry the mistakes of the past with the possibility of the present.

The exhibition’s title references an event in Portland history when, had these kinds of independent publishing and accessible communication methods been available, violence may have been prevented, averting 1855’s brief period of civil unrest after the city attempted to prohibit the distribution of alcohol and sparked so-called “Rum Riots.”

The Rum Riot Press will operate as a functioning small press production and distribution site for the duration of the exhibition. Resident artist Amze Emmons, a founder and editor of Printeresting, will spend three weeks in the gallery, organizing zine workshops, readings, and related events to engage the community in a conversation about the role print can play at this unique moment in history. All publications from this exhibition will become part of SPACE Gallery’s new zine Library, which will be permanent and open to the public.

Featured artists include:

A5 Magazine
Adam Wolpa
Adrienne Herman
Aimee Lusty
Alex Lukas
Alexander Egger
Andrew Kozlowski/Goldmine Anthology
Anne Elizabeth Moore
Art Codex
The Art Department
Book Bombs
Bogus Rendition

Burning Books
Brooklyn Art Gallery
Cantab Publishing
Caffeine Sunrise
Carlos Pileggi
Carrie Scanga
Carrier Pigeon
Cafe Royal Books
The Center for Book Technology

Christopher Wallace
Crystal Stokowski/Space 1026
The Daily Collaboration
Daniel Maw
Dannielle Tegeder
Delia Kovac
Dina Kelberman
Ditto Press
Dustin Hostetler
Edie Fake

Emily Abendroth
Gary Kachadourian
Gaudy Alt
Greg Pizzoli
Heidi Nelson
Holly Holly, Hobby Hobby
Jason Kachadourian
Jing Yu

John Lee
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Katie Haegele
Kay Healy
Kevin Haas
Koshka Zine
Kyle Durrie

Lana Turner
Machete/Marginal Utility
Marc Snyder/Fiji Island Press
Marissa Falco
Mark Price/Zine of the Month
Matt Hopson-Walker
Megawords Magazine
Michael Menchaca
Mother News
The Moving Crew
Museums Press
Notice Notice
Paul Windle
Pat Aulisio

Possible Press
Post Family
Proximity Magazine
Rand Renfrow
Sara Cwynar

Schematic Quarterly
Tim Devin
Temporary Services
Tova Carlin
Triple Candie

Trixine Chemical Corp
Ugly Duckling Presse
Yes, Ma’am Press
Yoonmi Nam

Opening Reception: July 26 from 5-7PM

Zine Workshops: July 28 from 12-6PM

See installation photos here on Flickr.

Special thanks to Business Equipment Unlimited, who provided the fine photocopier for this exhibition and small press production.