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Some. Things. Curious

Kimberly Convery and Kreh Mellick

Sep 3, 2010 – Oct 22, 2010
In the Main Space

Artists Kimberly Convery and Kreh Mellick transform SPACE into a living room, with wallpaper, family portraits, vignettes and texture. More than 60 drawings work in conversation with one another, sometimes with melancholy, sometimes with humor.  

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some. things. curious.

The inside of a living room. A study. 

A discovered collection.

The collections of a person. Of many persons in one space. 

From the wallpaper. To family portraits. 

There are stories on the wall. They have no beginning so there is no end. There are important images. 

Ideas one once had, will have and the ideas one dreams of having dreamt. 

I think that Kimie and I want to create an atmosphere 

Of curiousness. Whether it be the diversity of subject

The way the show is encountered or the feeling it gives as 

An environment. 

Our drawings range from melancholy… humor

To silent reflection.

— kreh

The intricacies of our line weight and the way we both tend to use an implied landscape make our drawings very conversational, towards each other’s and internally. Kreh and I are both very intrigued with the aesthetic of atmospheres. The small textured inside complex things. Texture and paper dominate this exhibition. Where portraits are skewed and lurk over the shadows and small vignettes of a collector. This collection that has been just discovered and witnessed.  There are stories. Some. Things are drawn. Curious.

— kimie

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