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Nick Carter

Nov 3, 2017 – Jan 6, 2018
In the Window

SPACE is pleased to present THE SAME RIVER, an installation by Providence-based artist, Nick Carter on view in the window from Friday, November 3, 2017 through Saturday, January 6, 2018.

Nick Carter’s installation layers cut and dyed cotton that is activated by the changing sunlight and the in-motion eyes each pedestrian, rider, and driver on Congress Street. Inspired by the experience of walking alongside fences and the staccato glimpses of the property they protect, this installation aims to create a fluctuating and customizable phenomenological experience.

In addition to his window project, Nick Carter will present ASMR x WAZO, a new edition of streetwear at the intersection of punk and couture made in collaboration with Portland-based youth group, Kesho Wazo.

Join us on Friday, November 3rd from 5pm – 8pm for an opening reception with the artist and fashion show.

More information about the event can be found here.

Nick Carter is an artist, educator, and community organizer living and working in Providence, Rhode Island. He is currently the Apparel Design Coordinator at AS220 Youth — a radical arts education program focused on young people in the care or custody of the state — where he has worked since 2011.

His studio practice is based in painting but involves printmaking, sculpture, installation, clothing, performance, video, and photography. His pieces are often formal investigations of pattern, color, and material. However, their presentation has a phenomenological focus. Site-specific illumination and the shifting perspective of each viewer-participant collaborate to complete the work by activating and intensifying its mutable and trompe-l’œil aspects.

Cultural analyst Sherry Turkle cites increased screen time as part of an “assault on empathy” that is afflicting our society across all generations. For this and other reasons, Nick’s paintings are intentionally difficult to convey via digital documentation, as they are meant to be interacted with in-person rather than through an electronic interface. “What color is this dress?”

Nick’s most recent work is inspired by — among other things — quilting motifs, natural and artificial camouflage, and modern urban architecture.

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