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Dead Of Winter ’09: Adam Kurtz

Always prompt and alert, Adam Kurtz seemed to answer our questions as soon as they were sent out (really, I hit send, then when I went back to look at my inbox, I had his answers!). Let’s get to know Portland’s premier Russian rock enthusiast before he plays the Dead Of Winter show this Saturday, January 24th at SPACE.

How long have you lived in Portland?

4 years, 3 months, 23 days (as of DoW date)

When did you start playing music?
Since drumming on my mother’s womb (though my twin brother kept dropping the beat during our duets), but technically since piano lessons in 3rd grade. started guitar in 5th grade (playing Beatles songs on my mom’s classical guitar).

Who do you perform with normally?
Under my own name currently, but full rock band soon. Also, I have broken a string or two for Kino Proby.

Other than SPACE Gallery, what is one of your favorite venues in Portland?
I love Slainte for its inconveniently located support pole.

Who is your favorite Portland musician or group, other than yourself or those you normally perform with?
Bryan Bruchman.[aw, shucks, thanks Adam, I think] 2nd to that, I have to say Elijah Ocean since Loverless kicks ass, Please Be Ours is catchy and awesome, and his solo songs get in my head – and won’t leave!

How are you tackling the challenge of performing this material alone, when (if) you usually perform it with others?
Instead of hoping that people will imagine the drums, bass and other back up parts along with me, I have to change how the song is played in MY head first, treat them more as gentle acoustic numbers. It also helps to get some friends to collaborate and sing a little back up.

What are your musical plans for 2009?
I will release an album – either full length or +/- 5 song EP in 2009 – as a follow-up to the critically acclaimed The Devil is Defeated (2008). I will play regularly in Portland, Boston and NYC, and will not cut my hair or shave until i get a sweet record deal!

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