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Dead Of Winter ’09: Erin Davidson

Erin Davidson is better known these days as Dilly Dilly, the uke/guitar/everything-playing siren often seen alongside some of the best musicians in town. She’s getting ready to unleash her own album and has been preparing to head out onto the scene on her own. She’ll be performing on her own (and also collaborating a bit, from what I’ve heard) at the Dead Of Winter show tomorrow.

While you’re reading this interview with Erin, check out another MP3 from Dead Of Winter ’08:
an original tune fromChris Teret

How long have you lived in Maine?
I’ve been in Maine for about eighteen of my thirty living years…. with a bit of Florida and New Hampshire mixed in here and there.

When did you start playing music?
I started playing music when I was fourteen. Found my sisters guitar in the basement when I was living with her and she told me I could have it. So I picked up a guitar book and started learning. It was the best fifty cents i’d ever spent.

Who do you perform with normally?
I normally play solo under the guise of dilly dilly. I have a habit of collaborating with our hometown hero Sontiago and I’ve been known to play a saw and bass note or two for Sage Francis along side Alias and Tom Inhaler. I’ve also appeared on many a random album with Radar Tradar, Bully Club, Seekonk, Filkoe, Micah Blue Smaldone, An Evening With…, etc.

Other than SPACE Gallery, what is one of your favorite venues in Portland?
I’m gonna have to say The Big Easy.. those are my boys..

Who is your favorite portland musician or group, other than
yourself or those you normally perform with?

I’m gonna have to go with Sontiago on this one.

How are you tackling the challenge of performing this material alone, when you’re used to more collaboration?
I think just performing my solo stuff live is the challenge I’m tackling here. I’ve been on hiatus and seems the gears are a bit rusty if you know what I mean.

What are your musical plans for 2009?
Hopefully 2009 will be filled with releasing my first full length titled Of Art And Intention and tour Europe and the US with it. TO THE PAIN!

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