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Do You Remember Halloween?

We know we throw a pretty mean Halloween party, so we can’t blame you if parts of it are a little fuzzy. Now that it’s been almost a whole month since the shindig and everybody’s on to talking about turkeys and shopping for the holidays (oh hey, Shop-A-Doo is on December 5th!), why not take a look back and see what went down on October 31st?

During the day, we had a totally wholesome and honestly pretty rad family-friendly Halloween party. Both Dennis and Sam were there to pop balloons and eat candy (oh yeah, and to take photos).

At night, the vibe changed as the grownups got ready for their own party. Read on for the debauchery…

Once again, we set up a photobooth for attendees to strike a pose and show off their costume. Check out the results!

Then, of course, there was the party. Again we had some incredible cover bands: Darien Brahms as The Velvet Underground (way to rock it as both Lou Reed and Nico!), The Rattlesnakes teamed up with David Pence as The Fall, the Portland supergroup The Blood Capsules (members of Cult Maze, Ye, APSL and the Hatreds) as The Cramps and The Misfits, Phantom Buffalo with Crank Sturgeon as DEVO, and BAM BAM Djing. Amazing.

Check out more photos from this party by Jon Donnell and by Sam Cousins.

I wonder what will happen next year…

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