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Rent Free Studio Program 2021

We were very happy to award the 3 Rent Free Studios this year, as well as 6 residencies. Congratulations to all the recipients! 

This year’s Rent Free Studio Program was juried by the previous year’s recipients, Rachel Gloria Adams, Athena Lynch, and Shane Smith, and we are indebted to the jurors for their insightful feedback throughout the process. Moving forward, SPACE hopes to improve the experience, starting with the application process: Beginning in 2022, it will be much more like a grant program, allowing folks to re-apply each year. We will be awarding three people for the Rent Free Studio programs, as well as several folks for 3-week SPACE residencies in our Residency room, depending on available space in the residency. 

While the  program will continue to be a juried process, SPACE staff will now invite previous recipients to be on the jury, including one or two folks from the outgoing jury in order to guide new jurors and pass along their intimate knowledge of the program. All jurors will receive a stipend.

To make the application process more equitable, the jury recommended that we ask each applicant for just one page of work, ensuring that artists with a lower web presence are not at a disadvantage. 

We encourage nominations! Anyone who wishes to nominate someone can fill out the application when it is available on behalf of  the person they are nominating. 

We will also be refreshing our waitlist every 6 months in order to maintain a sense of where the community is in terms of studio space needs. 

SPACE would like to thank our anonymous donors for their donations that make this program possible!

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Are you a Maine artist looking to fund a project? Apply to our American Rescue Plan Project grant program today. Deadline: June 26th at 11:59 PM.