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Somebody Get The Broom: Dark Meat Photos

Once again, the musicians were on the floor at SPACE last night. However this time it was simply because there’s not enough room for two drummers, multiple guitarists, a bassists, keys, and a horn section on our lovely stage. The headlining band’s (full) name: Dark Meat Vomit Lasers Family Band Galaxy.

Athens, Georgia’s Dark Meat travel in style. As we saw their 35-seat old school bus roll up to unload, we new it would be a special night.

Local openers, Metal Feathers (recently seen at SPACE during the Phantom Buffalo record release party), were celebrating the (non) birthday of their (not actual) dad who disapproves (though he doesn’t exist) of their songs because he doesn’t like the endings. What? They had free stickers. Did you get one?

Brooklyn’s The Loom started the night with bravado, trying to drown out the sounds of people all around in their homes watching the vice presidential debate. They definitely caught some ears, and repeatedly commented on how beautiful they thought Maine was, and how much they loved SPACE. Aw, shucks.

The mess at the end of the night was well worth it!

Check out a full gallery from this show over here.

Tonight the ridiculous awesomeness continues with the First Friday Art Walk / Tod Seelie’s photo exhibit opening / Black Label DJ’s.

Too much! See you on the dance floor!

SPACE Reader

🕯️ This weekend only! The dance show of the summer is Scapegoat Garden’s Liturgy|Order|Bridge. The Hartford-based company calls upon Black church traditions and ideas of faith, nature, fashion, and experimentation in their limited performance run June 20-22. Tickets available now, presented by SPACE at Mechanics’ Hall. 🕯️