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[SPACE Gallery Poster Series] Kris Johnsen – Ted Leo and the Pharmacists & Screaming Females @ SPACE Gallery

Poster done by Kris Johnsen @ Emblem Studio in Portland, Maine.

This poster was super fun to make! I started out just drawing cassette tapes in my notebook while at the same time was thinking of ideas for upcoming shows at SPACE, and it just clicked together, Ted Leo=Fun good times! so I chose to make a grid formation of old tapes, which are all based off of real tapes I found in a box at my work. I eventually changes some of the information on the tapes to fit the show, Ted Leo & Screamales references, and maybe one local indie band one in there as well. You’ll have to see these in person to know what I’m talking about!

First few drawings of tapes which eventually led me to hand drawing all of the band text. This is harder than it looks, mostly just trying to pick the one that works best.

Way more photos after the jump!

After the poster was all layed out in Photoshop I printed out each color layer on to paper and oiled them up for the burning process. This poster is a 3 color screen print, printed on 4 different colors of paper. Ink colors are Black, Light blueish white and Orange/red

The photo below is the blue layer transparency.

Some detail in the tapes. Which appear on the poster in exactly the same size as a real tape. You could hold up the original one right on top of the printed one!

With a lot of the blue layer I mixed in white onto the screen to get a little gradation of color rather than just a flat color. I really like this effect, I’ve been doing it on the last few posters I’ve done, I feel like it makes them all just that much different from eachother.

I use old discarded posters for text prints. It creates crazy layers of imagery. I have a whole stack of these kinds of prints.

Orange Layer! Lots of white in this one.

And the last layer of black detail.

There is an edition of 35 of these posters and will only be available on June 19th at SPACE Gallery for the Ted Leo And The Pharmacists show with Screaming Females. Click here to buy tickets, which you will need to get in advance because this show will sell out!

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