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Jonathan Merrifield

Jonathan is a musician, artist, parent, punk, friend, and lifelong Mainer. They love creating and collecting equally, with an ever growing hard drive full of beats and a basement full of toys and instruments. Jonathan has spent the last several years at Bomb Diggity Arts, collaborating with disabled artists on gallery art, short film, music, animation, puppetry, and cable access television. Prior to that they ran an adorable karaoke night, created a podcast for Archie Comics, and played in an award winning children’s music band. Their hero is Pippi Longstocking and their favorite thing is Christmas. 

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  1. Kate Sanders-Fleming

    Hi Lia,

    I’m Kate Sanders-Fleming, owner of Buena Vista Landscaping, Portland area, and visual artist/dance enthusiast. I got your name from Sara Juli. I used to teach art and yoga, and my own practice and teaching have been dormant a few years since I started my business. Looking to get back involved and interested in volunteering at Space, potentially something involving youth. Sara mentioned the “Mixtape Party” as well as classes or workshops with youth? Would love to talk with you about possibilities. My cell is 207 712-4583, email is, you can check out my business to learn a bit more about me at, or on instagram: buenavistalandscapingmaine. Now is my busy season, so I could probably only do a day or two a month ish right now, but let’s talk and see where it leads.

    Thanks, best to you and yours during these crazy times.


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