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[SPACE Gallery Poster Series] Kris Johnsen @ – Caspian, The Baltic Sea & Irepress @ SPACE Gallery 8.27.2009

This edition of the SPACE Gallery Poster Series is for Beverly MassachusettsCaspain, Portland’s own The Baltic Sea & Irepress from Boston, Who are all playing at SPACE Gallery on Thursday, August 27th at 7pm, it’s an all ages show and is only $5! Poster design by Kris Johnsen at Emblem Studio.

Also if you have not yet downloaded Caspian’s new album Tertia, I suggest you do! The whole album is available for a FREE download at

This poster is a whopping 6 color screen print. 2 blue’s, 2 green’s, black and white. First I seperated each color into different layers and printed them out on paper, then covering each piece of paper with Canola oil to make them transparent. Then exposed each to a screen. 5 screens used in all.

This image was taken from pages out of a sketchbook and collaged together to create this weird sea scape image.

Cutting paper/chipboard is my least favorite part about creating a poster.

First layer

Mixing colors can also be a pain and be very challenging to get it just right. I think I did pretty well on this print. I tryed to add some silver ink into the lighter blue in the waves but it didnt show up. Oh well.

I’m very happy with how well everything pops in this image. Also the first time I’ve drawn waves in any print I’ve done.

my hanging wire with binder clips is a life saver!

Last layer of white text over the whole image.

Ended with an Edition of 56. Posters will be available at the show!


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